Replacing the steering column switch in a VAZ 2110 yourself

How to replace the steering column switch on a VAZ 2110

Replacing the steering column switch in a VAZ 2110 is carried out for the following reason: this element of the car is not as beautiful and functional as on foreign cars. On a VAZ 2110, replacing the steering column switch can be easily done on your own. You just need to follow the instructions and do everything in accordance with it.

Modification of the steering columns on the VAZ 2110

Refinement of steering columns

If the driver is not interested in the replacement process itself, but only needs to eliminate the clicking of the steering column switches, then we can advise simply carrying out modifications.

Eliminating clicks


  • We remove the switches from the VAZ 2110. Usually, no difficulties arise in this process.
  • We disassemble the steering columns by snapping off the top cover with a screwdriver (small size).
  • We find a small slide inside the switch (it is this that is responsible for the loud switching).
  • Now you need to find a suitable rubber, for example, a car door seal (old and no longer needed). This very piece of rubber will need to be glued to the points of contact between the scenes.

Advice. To make the switching happen more smoothly, it is recommended to slightly file the plastic bump. We try to make the tip more rounded, otherwise it will jump. If this cannot be done, then you can use another method: weaken the spring.

  • Let's put everything back together.
  • We cover the switch body with some kind of vibration material. It is recommended to do the same with the steering shaft casing.

Closing the openings of the steering column switches

Openings can be closed easily and simply

Sitting behind the wheel of a VAZ 2110, you cannot help but notice the large gaps located near the steering column switches. This looks very unaesthetic and not at all practical. Let's try to close them:

  • Take a piece of black carpet.
  • We cover the steering column switch with Moment glue.
  • We wait until the required time dries.
  • We glue the carpet directly onto the steering column switch, closing the gap.

Note. It is not necessary to use only carpet. If you don’t have it, then you can take a piece of modelin or even an old felt boot.

You can easily replace the switch yourself, following the instructions. Thus, it will be possible to save the price of services in specialized workshops. During the work process, it is recommended to study photo and video materials.

Checking and replacing steering column switches on a VAZ 2110 Lada

  1. Repair manuals
  2. Repair manual for VAZ 2110 (Lada) 1996+.
  3. Checking and replacing steering column switches

7.8.7. Checking and replacing steering column switches

Turn signal and headlight switch type 69.3709

Turn signal and headlight switch contact numbers

Windshield wiper and washer switch type 70.3709

Wiper and washer switch contact numbers

Steering column switch lever positions

Bold lines show the initial positions, thin lines - fixed and dotted lines - non-fixed positions of the levers.
Contact closure at different positions of the turn signal and headlight switch levers
Lever position Numbers of closed contacts Switched devices
I Everything is off
II 49a–49aL Left turn indicator*
III 49a–49aL Left turn indicator
IV 49a–49aR Right turn indicator*
V 49a–49aR Right turn indicator
VI 56–56b dipped headlights
VII 30–56a High beam alarm*
VIII 56–56a High beam headlights

* Non-fixed position. Contact closure at different positions of the windshield wiper and washer switch lever

Lever position Numbers of closed contacts Switched devices
I Everything is off
II 53e–53, 53a–j Intermittent wiper operation*
III 53e–53, 53a–j Intermittent wiper operation
IV 53a–53 First wiper speed
V 53a–53b Second speed wiper
VI 53ah–W Washer and wiper*

* Non-fixed position

↓ Comments ↓

1. General information

1.0 General information 1.1. Vehicle Specifications

2. Engine

2.0 Engine 2.1 Possible engine malfunctions. 2.2 Replacing the coolant 2.3 Replacing the engine oil and oil filter 2.4. Installing the piston of the first cylinder to the TDC position of the compression stroke 2.5 Replacing the camshaft drive belt and tension roller 2.6 Adjusting the camshaft drive belt tension 2.7 Removing, troubleshooting and installing the flywheel 2.8. Replacing engine seal parts 2.9 Cylinder head 2.10 Grinding in valves 2.11 Adjusting clearances in valve drive 2.12 Removing and installing engine 2.13. Engine repair 2.14. Lubrication system 2.15. Cooling system 2.16. Exhaust gas system 2.18. Features of VAZ-2112 engine repair

3. Transmission

3.0 Transmission 3.1. Clutch 3.2. Gearbox 3.3. Front wheel drives

4. Chassis

4.0 Chassis 4.1. Checking the technical condition of suspension parts on the car 4.2. Rear suspension

5. Steering

5.0 Steering 5.1 Inspection and check of the steering on the vehicle 5.2. Steering column 5.4. Steering mechanism 5.5 Possible steering malfunctions.

6. Brake system

6.0 Brake system 6.1. Vacuum booster 6.2. Main brake cylinder 6.3. Pressure regulator 6.4. Brake hoses and tubes 6.5 Bleeding the brake system 6.6 Replacing brake fluid 6.7. Front wheel brakes 6.8. Braking mechanisms of the rear wheels 6.9. Parking brake 6.10 Possible malfunctions of the brake system.

7. Electrical equipment

7.0 Electrical equipment 7.1. Mounting block 7.2. Generator 7.3. Starter 7.4. Ignition switch (lock) 7.5. Checking and replacing spark plugs 7.6. Integrated engine management system (fuel injection system) 7.7. Contactless ignition system 7.8. Lighting, light and sound signaling 7.9. Windshield wiper 7.10 Replacing the electric motor of the radiator fan of the cooling system 7.11. Heater electric motor 7.12. Cigarette lighter 7.13. Instrument cluster 7.14 Checking the carburetor solenoid valve control unit 7.15 Possible malfunctions of the EPHH control unit. 7.16 Electrical diagram of a VAZ-21102 car 7.17 Electrical diagram of a car with a carburetor engine 2110 7.18 Engine control diagram 2111 (pin M1.5.4) 7.19 Engine control diagram 2111 (pin MP7.0) 7.20 Control diagram for engines 2111 and 2112 (pin M1) .5.4N, "January-5.1")

8. Body

8.0 Body 8.1 Possible body malfunctions. 8.2. Replacing the buffers 8.3 Removing and installing the radiator trim 8.4 Removing and installing the locker 8.5 Removing and installing the wing 8.6. Hood 8.7 Removing and installing upholstery, trim and windshield frame lining 8.8. Trunk lid 8.9. Side doors 8.10 Removing and installing the front seat 8.11 Removing and installing the upper and lower lining of the floor tunnel 8.12. Seat belts 8.13. Rear view mirrors 8.14. Instrument panel 8.15. Heater 8.16 Anti-corrosion compounds for body treatment 8.17. Features of body repair of models 2111 and 2112 8.18. Body care

9. Applications

9.0 Appendices 9.1 Fuels, lubricants and operating fluids 9.2 Basic data for adjustments and control 9.3 Filling volumes 9.4 Lamps used in the car

Do-it-yourself modification and replacement of wipers

Which wipers are better is up to the car owner to decide. Those installed on the VAZ 2110, as well as on the UAZ, do their job well from the factory, but it can be modified with washers from other companies that are of higher quality. Many people are attracted to frameless brushes - this is a good option. They are compact in size and equipped with a special leash mechanism. True, they do not look very attractive on the VAZ 2110, since the fastener to the standard washer arm turns out to be massive. Therefore they need improvement.

Removing and installing the steering column switch


PERFORMANCE ORDER 1. Disconnect the negative cable (–) of the battery with the ignition off. ATTENTION As a result, information from the electronic memory units, such as the radio code, is erased. Without a code, the radio can only be turned on by the manufacturer or an AUDI service station. Therefore, read the materials in the subsection Entering the radio code. Be sure to read the notes on safety precautions when using the airbag, and refer to the Steering subsection.

2. Remove the airbag unit from the driver's side, and refer to the subsection Removing and installing the airbag unit. 3. Remove the steering wheel, and refer to the subsection Removing and installing the steering wheel.

4. Disconnect the handle of the steering column adjustment mechanism –1–.

5. Remove the 2 Phillips screws –4– and the Allen screw –2– (4 mm wrench). 6. Remove the 2 fastening screws –3– with a thin long screwdriver. 7. Remove the upper and lower parts of the steering column switch trim.

8. Unplug connector –1–.

9. Remove the –2– (5 mm) hexagon socket screw so that the steering column switch can move slightly. 10

Carefully disconnect the electrical connections from the steering column switch. ATTENTION When removing the steering column switch, the spring remains on the switch

Make sure that the spring does not twist and remains in its middle position.

11. Remove the steering column switch from the column and place it to the side.

1. Place the steering column switch –2– on the steering column without securing it.

2. Put on the steering wheel. 3. First secure the steering column switch -2- with a hexagon socket screw -3- on the steering column so that the distance to the steering wheel is a = 3 mm. 4. Remove the steering wheel again and perform further installation in the reverse order of removal. 5. Install the steering wheel, refer to the subsection Removing and installing the steering wheel. 6. Install the airbag, refer to the subsection Removing and installing the airbag unit. 7. Connect the ground cable (–) of the battery

Attention: Activate the high-altitude automatic power window, as well as set the clock and enter the radio code, refer to the subsection Entering the radio code

Steering columns from Kalina, Priora and Chevy Niva

Note. On the VAZ 2110 you can easily and simply install switches from Lada Kalina, Chevrolet Niva or some foreign cars.

Features you need to know about

Replacing the steering column switch for a VAZ 2110

Let's look at some features of steering column switches from other cars that we want to install in the VAZ 2110:

  • The main thing is the connector, which must match the VAZ 2110 and then there will be no problems.
  • It is also recommended to pay special attention to the shape of the switch. For example, the steering column shifters from the Priora become further from the steering wheel than the tenth shift paddles. In this case, you have to lengthen the steering shaft or install another one from the same Kalina.

Steering column switches VAZ 2110

Note. There is another way: bend the steering column switch and cut off the excess part, and then glue it at a different angle, but this is not entirely correct. We need to think about safety, but a glued-on steering column does not fit in with this. Therefore, if we change the steering columns from Priora, Kalina or Niva, we will have to put up with a large distance of levers.

Conventional DIY installation of steering column stalks

  • Disconnect the positive wire from the battery.
  • Now remove the lower steering column casing by unscrewing the 7 fastening screws.
  • Lower the steering column down.
  • Remove the upper steering column casing.

VAZ 2110 replacement of steering column switches

  • We find two plastic clips and squeeze them to remove the windshield wiper switch (see Replacing windshield wipers on a VAZ 2110 on your own) from the base.
  • Disconnect the block with wires.
  • We now remove the turn signal and headlight switch, again, squeezing the two plastic clips.

We take a test lamp at 12 and connect it to the corresponding contacts:

Replacing steering column switches VAZ 2110

  • If the lever is in the first position, then everything is turned off.
  • If the lever is in the second or third position, then the numbers of closed contacts will be 49a-49aL and this is a left turn indicator.
  • If the lever is in the fourth or fifth positions, then this is a right turn indicator and the numbers of closed contacts: 49a-49aR.
  • If the lever is in the sixth position, then these are low beam headlights and the numbers of closed contacts: 56-56b.
  • If in position seven, then this is a high beam alarm and the numbers of closed contacts are 30-56a.
  • High beam is position eight and the contact numbers here are 56-56a.

Repair of Largus steering column switch

This car came to us with a common problem in Largus.

Even though it’s not a Solaris, they helped. Having done the diagnostics, we found a fault - the steering column switch. After removing it we saw the problem. On the rod, which is located inside the handle, the wires came off, because the design there... is so-so =(

There was no time for photos here. I wrapped the "end" of the handle in duct tape to prevent damage and removed it using plastic pullers and a lot of force and anger.

Ready. We collect and enjoy the signal =))

Thank you all for your attention. I hope this information is useful to someone.

The steering column switches on the Lada Largus car perform a number of switching functions in the electrical circuits of the car. If the switches are faulty, you may not be able to fully use the lighting, turn signals, wipers, horn, etc. In this article we will talk about removing the switches in case of replacing them, and also provide a table with the closed contacts of the steering column switches when operating them.

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