in the cabin
How to replace fuses for Ford Focus 2 step by step instructions with video
Purpose of the fuse mounting block The figure shows the location of the blocks under the signs A and B.
How to connect a tachometer to an oka? – Online reference book to help the car owner – we look for and fix faults
Possible difficulties of the Oka The basic configuration of the equipment on the Oka of older versions does not provide for the presence of a tachometer.
Cordiant or Nokian. Nokian and Cordiant tires – high quality and standard
Winter tire tests 2017-2018 (Behind the Wheel, Autoreview, ADAC, Auto Bild) Don't get lost in
Ford focus 2 heater fan not working
After reading a couple of hundred articles, I still haven’t found a specific answer. Fan in all articles
Adjusting the brightness of the Lada Vesta dashboard backlight
The instrument panel on the Lada Vesta turned out to be functional and attractive in terms of design. It was developed
Replacing brake pads on a VAZ 21214 Niva
Replacing brake pads on a VAZ 21214 Niva: minimum permissible thickness and detailed instructions
Replacement We hang and remove the front wheel. Clean the surfaces of the mechanism from dirt. Use pliers to remove the cotter pin
Tuning Lada Kalina sedan with your own hands: review with photos and videos
Do-it-yourself tuning of Lada Kalina sedan: review with photos and videos
Hi all. This means that two years have passed since I owned this car, and how
Pinout of contacts and wires of steering column switches VAZ 2114
Signs of a malfunctioning steering column switch The main symptom of a malfunctioning steering column switch is the lack of response to
What size are the wipers on the Lada Kalina (front and rear)
Quick comparison I offer brief recommendations for wipers. Choose what is more important to you and buy. Detailed description,
How to choose winter tires for a VAZ
Tire pressure Car enthusiasts often ask the question: how much to pump tires and is it worth it?
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