Short-stroke rocker for VAZ 2110: installation, replacement of cardan

  • Differences between a short-stroke link
  • Making a short-stroke slide with your own hands
  • Installing a short-stroke cardan
  • Video instruction

The gearbox in VAZ 2110 cars is one of the most involved dynamic elements. Because of this, the unit often becomes loose, which makes operating the car inconvenient. A shaking gear shift lever is a fairly common occurrence in domestic cars. There are two ways to combat this defect: constantly adjust the gearbox or make the rocker short-stroke - the process can be done independently. You can also purchase a gearbox repair kit from another VAZ model, which initially comes with a short-throw driveshaft.

This is what the installed short-stroke rocker looks like on a VAZ 2110 car.

What is so good about a short-stroke rocker? Firstly, it guarantees reliable operation of the gearbox over a long period of time. Secondly, the short-stroke version helps to increase the clarity of VAZ gear changes, including in the 2110 model. This is quite enough to make the operation of the power plant more comfortable, because smoothness, stroke and clarity of gear shifting are important for the gearbox.

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To replace the “ten” cardan you will need a pit, keys for 10 and 13:

  1. The gearbox control rod joint is hidden under the boot.
  2. We remove the boot and move it to the gearbox.
  3. Loosen the clamp bolt to 13, loosen it a little and pull the link off the hinge. Then unscrew the 10mm bolt that secures the hinge on the gear selector rod and remove the hinge.
  4. We install a new hinge without play on the gear selector rod and secure it with a 10-point bolt. To prevent it from turning away from vibrations, we lubricate it with a thread locker.

We put the boot and the drawstring in place and adjust it.
After that we do a test drive. If everything is good, then tighten the clamp. There is an opinion that before installing the glass you need to saw off its tip a little, in fact, everything installs perfectly without sawing. After adjustment, the gearshift lever is located exactly in the middle.

Impressions from the backlash-free driveshaft of the Lada Kalina on a VAZ 2110

It seems that the lateral travel of the lever has decreased. The difference is especially noticeable while driving than when parked. Gear changes have become clearer, there is no “yaw” movements of the lever.

However, do not forget about gearbox vibration . If previously these vibrations were transmitted to the rocker and were partially damped by the play of the standard cardan, now they are transferred in full force to the gearshift knob, which causes rattling, which has to be dealt with over time.

Why change the backstage?

There are situations when it is necessary to intervene in the gear shift mechanism due to the failure of a component. But there are times when an extreme measure is required - replacing the VAZ-2109 rocker. In these cases, replacement is required:

  1. An oil leak appeared due to damage to the oil seal. Only the oil seal can be replaced.
  2. Complete failure of the scenes.
  3. You have realized the advantages of a short-stroke design and you have the funds for this kind of tuning.

Symptoms of gear shift mechanism failure:

  1. Increased gearshift lever play. Please note that this behavior may also be caused by a loose cardan. Sometimes the bolt securing it gets screwed out, so to reduce the backlash it is enough to tighten it, and first apply a drop of thread locker.
  2. Difficult to shift into gear. Sometimes extraneous sounds are heard.
  3. Gear shifting is not possible.
  4. Inconsistency between the position of the lever and the selected speed. For example, the back one disappears, and the first one is in its place.

If a slight play appears, it is advisable to carry out diagnostics and identify the breakdown of the unit. Make repairs immediately, otherwise one or more speeds will disappear at the most inopportune moment.

Short-stroke rocker for VAZ 2110: installation, replacement of cardan

The gearbox in VAZ 2110 cars is one of the most involved dynamic elements. Because of this, the unit often becomes loose, which makes operating the car inconvenient. A shaking gear shift lever is a fairly common occurrence in domestic cars. There are two ways to combat this defect: constantly adjust the gearbox or make the rocker short-stroke - the process can be done independently. You can also purchase a gearbox repair kit from another VAZ model, which initially comes with a short-throw driveshaft.

What is so good about a short-stroke rocker? Firstly, it guarantees reliable operation of the gearbox over a long period of time. Secondly, the short-stroke version helps to increase the clarity of VAZ gear changes, including in the 2110 model. This is quite enough to make the operation of the power plant more comfortable, because smoothness, stroke and clarity of gear shifting are important for the gearbox.

Types of mechanisms

Despite the different design models, only two types can be distinguished:

  1. Long-stroke (standard, previously installed on cars of model 2109 and similar).
  2. Short-wheel drive (installed on Kalina cars).

Structurally they are very similar, only different in size. The advantage of short-throw ones is that with their help, gears are engaged easier and faster.

True, many myths have formed around the gear shift: some claim that the dynamic characteristics of the car are significantly improved. This is all wrong; there is no connection between the dynamics of the car and the view of the backstage. But still, the short-stroke one has advantages over the standard one.

Differences between a short-stroke link

The main differences can be seen even in photographs. We see that the short-stroke rocker has smaller dimensions, namely length. To reduce the stroke length at startup, the length of the transmission under the hinge should be increased. Due to this, we can not only get shorter gears, but also maintain the traction axis in its original position.

It is worth understanding that after such tuning, you will need to put more effort when changing speeds. After upgrading, switching will resemble joystick control, which is undoubtedly a plus. In addition to the rocker, you can install a backlash-free cardan, which will also have a positive effect on the smooth operation of the gearbox.

Backstage adjustment

There is nothing complicated in the procedure; you can do it yourself, but you will have to run from the pit to the salon.

Yes, it is advisable to do this work in a pit or overpass. You need to act approximately according to this principle:

  1. Loosen the nut on the clamp.
  2. Set the gearshift lever to the reverse gear position.
  3. Set the box rod to the reverse speed position. This is difficult to achieve, so adjustments will have to be made.
  4. Check how the gears shift. If the rear one is too far to the left, loosen the clamp and turn the cardan counterclockwise. If the fifth speed (including reverse) has gone too far to the right, then the cardan rotates clockwise.

By adjusting the position of the gearshift rocker, you will notice that when the lever is installed in the middle, neutral speed will be engaged. When turning on the fifth gear, the lever should not catch the passenger seat, and when moving in reverse, the driver's seat should not interfere with the movement of the lever.

Making a short-stroke slide with your own hands

So, let's begin the modernization process:

  1. We raise the place of attachment of the piece of iron that goes from the gearbox to the lever inside the VAZ 2110 interior.
  2. You can do without dismantling the rocker, the main thing is to disassemble the ball joint.
  3. Now we need to ensure that the plastic paws release the ball. To do this, you need to unclench the metal ring. We disconnect the rod and carefully drag it inside through the cover, which is responsible for protecting it from dirt. It will be much more convenient to work if the clamp near the gearbox is loosened.

Replacement is carried out according to the same scheme. Only instead of welding, a freelance short-stroke rocker from another car is installed. Replacement is a more expensive solution, so doing it yourself is problematic. If you have experience working with gearboxes, then replacing and purchasing a new part will cost about 1,000 rubles.

Installation process

Let's analyze the installation of the Priora short-stroke rocker with our own hands step by step.

First you need to pull the knob and cover off the box lever. The knob on the lever is not fixed, so it is enough to apply a certain force to remove it.

Using a key set to “13”, loosen the clamp and separate the gearbox lever rod from the cardan.

To release the lever, we release the ball from the spring mechanism, which is necessary to activate the reverse gear with locking. To do this, remove the locking ring.

It is strictly forbidden to sharply pull the lever upward when trying to release it.

Slowly, carefully remove the retaining ring.

We take out the spring and then the lever with the ball inserted into the plastic frame, as well as the locking ring.

Installing a short-stroke cardan

The first step is to purchase the cardan itself. The best choice would be a part from Priora or Kalina. Usually it is included in the repair kit with a boot, so the standard boot from a VAZ 2110 will not fit here.

Work is performed only if there is an overpass, inspection hole or lift. It is also recommended to call an assistant for help, since at the end of the process it will be problematic to independently adjust the position of the gearshift lever.

The work proceeds according to the following scheme:

  1. Armed with two 13 keys, we need to loosen the clamp on the drive rod and then pull it off the rod.
  2. The next step is to dismantle the boot. Next, use the 10th key to unscrew the bolt, which is a lock on the standard cardan. Now you can remove the cardan with gentle blows of a hammer.

Important: it is necessary to check the condition of the oil seal. If this is the first intervention in the gearbox, then it is most likely in a worn condition, so it is recommended to change the boot.

  1. We install the driveshaft from the Priora in the reverse order: put on the boot and install the new driveshaft, securely tighten the fixing bolt, and then tighten the boot. All that remains is to put the drive rod on the cardan rod, but the clamp should not be tightened.
  2. Now the assistant gets behind the wheel and places the gearshift lever in the optimal position. At this time, the clamp is tightened. Done, the replacement is complete, all that remains is to test the switching.

Replacing the backstage with a short-stroke one

A short-throw rocker can be purchased at a car dealership or car market. It is quite easy to distinguish it from the standard one. It is enough to measure the distance from the ball joint to the coupling joint with the rod leading to the gearbox actuators. For a standard long-stroke mechanism this distance is approximately 4 cm, and for a short-stroke mechanism it is about 10 cm.

The VAZ 2109 short-stroke rocker can be installed with your own hands without any problems.

Begin dismantling by unscrewing the five bolts securing the gear shift mechanism from the passenger compartment.Unscrew the clamp securing the rod leading to the gearbox actuator from the cardan shaft. Remove the unit towards the passenger compartment. Make sure that the rocker seal is not damaged. Otherwise, the oil seal will need to be replaced.
Traditionally, replacing the mechanism with a short-stroke one is accompanied by replacing the cardan with a similar cardan mechanism from the Lada Kalina.This is due to a number of known design flaws of the standard cardan shaft. This replacement reduces play in the unit, complementing the effect of improving ergonomics by replacing the standard unit. It is better to change the cardan together with the boot; it is not interchangeable with the standard one.

The procedure for replacing the cardan.

  1. After disconnecting the clamp securing the cardan to the actuator drive rod, remove the boot.
  2. Unscrew the fixing bolt located on the cardan.
  3. Using a few light blows from a medium hammer, knock the universal joint off the shaft.
  4. Put on a new boot, install the universal joint from Kalina.

In parallel with assembling the gear shift drive mechanism, the VAZ 2109 rocker is being adjusted. You will need the help of a friend. Before adjusting the mechanism, invite an assistant to take a seat in the “nine” cabin. With the shift knob in the center neutral position and carefully moving the knob to the right, your assistant will wait while you tighten the retaining bolt and clamp. It is necessary to adjust the correct gear engagement and finally tighten the five bolts securing the mechanism from the interior.

After finishing the work, get behind the wheel. Engage first gear with a clear, short movement.

Hello dear readers! While driving I heard a rattling sound in the area of ​​the gearbox and when I held the lever, the ringing sound went away. Immediately I began to sin on the so-called “cardanchik”. The next day I drove the car into the garage and checked it. The cardan was loose, to put it mildly. I decided to change. I’ve heard for a long time that a driveshaft from Kalina is installed on a Priora. So I decided to put it on. Having reached the store, I bought this very part and began installation. I removed the Priorov cardan.

Lada 2110 PhiX › Logbook › Installing a transmission cardan from a viburnum on a VAZ 2110

Hi all! This time I will tell you about another experiment. This time we will do another stupid thing, we will replace the tuning gearbox driveshaft with a Kalina driveshaft driveshaft.

I have long had a hard, backlash-free gearbox drive unit installed; such driveshafts are made from the steering shaft and are popularly called tuning drives. In principle, he suited me with everything, but there is no limit to perfection.

Let me remind you that I previously conducted an experiment with installing a stock cardan, and then the result did not particularly impress me.

So, I bought a KK for 320 rubles, the boot fits from the stock driveshaft.

Comparison of standard, tuned and viburnum cardan shafts.

The first thing that catches your eye is that the tuning cardanic is fixed on the gear selection rod, not like stock and KK, which allows you to move it forward and backward one at a time, i.e. adjust the depth of the slide more flexibly. This is of course not much use, but maybe someone will need it.

The Kalina has longer strokes (compared to the tuning one) and in theory the longitudinal stroke of the lever should have increased, but since it fits onto the rod with a turn (we will return to this later), the stroke of the gearbox lever will be slightly shorter than that of the tuning one.

The Kalina cardan is a little longer than the stock one, and in order for everything to be even, it should be shortened a little, which means that there is work for the grinder. I measured how much to cut by eye, placing two cardan joints next to each other.

To make an even cut, I marked the cut area with electrical tape.

After using the grinder, the edges of the cut turned out to be razor sharp; I had to grind the sharp edges on a sharpening machine.

By the way, don’t forget that safety comes first.

When sawing, KK felt the heat from the stream of sparks, it turned out that the sparks burned through his pants.

I am always amazed how many people work with an angle grinder without protection. In my memory, there are a couple of cases where failure to comply with safety regulations led to tragic consequences. In one case, a piece of metal shavings hit a friend in the eye and required urgent surgery. An acquaintance from the emergency hospital told me about the second case; a flying disc from an angle grinder cut the skull and got stuck in it, going halfway through; by some miracle the patient remained alive and conscious. He said that he sawed with a grinder without a protective cover.

Enough of the lyrics, let's get back to business. The driveshaft should be properly lubricated; I used CV joint grease. I stuffed as much as I could into the crosspiece.

Since this is not the first time I’ve done the installation of the cardan and adjusting the backstage, everything became easy and fast.


I didn’t notice much of a difference between the tuning and viburnum cardan. The gearshift knob began to rattle a little less. And the longitudinal travel of the lever decreased slightly. The Kalina cardan, unlike the tuning one, is completely protected by anther. On the tuning one, the boot did not completely cover the cardan, which is why dirt could get into it, but it is worth noting that it worked perfectly for fifteen years and would have worked for the same amount of time.


After installing the CC, I still have one question. The KK stands on the gear selector rod at an angle, i.e. rotated relative to the axis of the rod, which significantly reduces its working strokes. In this case, the working stroke of the KK is quite enough, but perhaps it would be better to place the universal joint evenly. To make it clear, look at the following photos, I have placed the moving elements (crosses) of the cardans in one plane, and now we look at the screw that secures the cardan to the rod.

As you can see on the CC, it is located in a different place, i.e. After installation, the QC turns out to be rotated on the axis of the rod.

Question for the Kalina drivers, is the cardan on Kalina installed just as crookedly or is it still straight? If you have any thoughts on this matter, I would be happy to listen. Likes and reposts are welcome. )

VAZ 2110 gearbox linkage and its repair

For front-wheel drive car models, the designers developed a gearbox speed shifting system using a special mechanism called the VAZ 2110 gearbox rocker. This design for moving the gear lever is designed to ensure good performance of the gearbox. On a VAZ 21101, the gearbox link can be easily replaced on your own.

VAZ 2110 gearbox link

When operating a vehicle, the rocker, like other systems, must be adjusted. The reason for the adjustment may be due to incorrect movement of the gear shift lever. When you engage the desired gear, you have to tilt it strongly back or vice versa, it rests against the instrument panel:

  • The location of the scenes is under the body of the vases.
  • It connects the lever to the gearbox.

Signs of a bad or falling apart gearbox driveshaft:

  • creaking when moving the lever (forward or backward), since the components are not lubricated and there is no oiler, their service life is limited. A torn boot increases the likelihood of moisture penetration. The driveshaft rusts and creaks when rotating. The squeak is usually not heard when driving. The appearance of a squeak is a warning about the upcoming maintenance of the driveshaft and replacement of the boot;
  • a ringing sound when moving the shift lever indicates excess clearance that changes the angle of rotation and movement of the cardan shaft;
  • Vibration felt throughout the vehicle when moving forward indicates that the driveshaft is worn beyond normal. Manifested by a higher vibration frequency of the gear shift lever. Wear on the driveshaft causes damage to other components of the car.

The gearbox driveshaft is an important part of the car, affecting driving comfort and safety. To reduce wear on the cardan and boot over time, they should be replaced in a timely manner.

I’ll tell you the easiest way to repair the gear shifter on VAZ cars. It's nice to drive a car when it's new and the rocker doesn't wobble. But when the car is used, the rocker is usually loose, and in order to engage reverse gear you have to press it into the seat, and when you engage fifth speed, you hit the passenger on the thigh with your hand, but women may enjoy such attention from the driver, and the driver feels ashamed that The speed link is wobbling so much.

The linkage becomes loose due to the fact that the lever axis wears out, and the holes in the gear shift rod are broken, but plastic bushings usually last a long time.

You can repair the link yourself without even disconnecting it from the gearbox.

To do this, you need to remove the cover from the gear shift knob, and you can remove the panel.

The easiest way is this: replace the lever axis with an M10 bolt and tighten it with a nut, adjust the nut so that it is not too tight and allows the speed lever to move without loosening. Use the second nut to tighten the first nut so that it does not unscrew arbitrarily. Even if the hole in the gear shift rod is broken, the bolt tightens, and at most there will be a millimeter play back and forth.

The whole slide will work like new. Below is a photo report on the repair of the backstage.

Photo. The link before repair is a view on the right, the arrow shows how the locking bracket can be removed.

Photo. View of the backstage before renovation on the left.

Photo. View of the backstage with the lever axis removed.

Photo. I was not too lazy and removed the lever of the slide, and sharpened one edge of the bushing, since it was worn obliquely, I simply aligned it on the sharpener, by eye. But I did not disconnect the rocker itself from the gearbox.

Photo. The repaired rocker, the arrow shows the locked nuts.


Adjusting the VAZ 2110 gearbox rocker

It is recommended to carry out the adjustment work together with a partner. To do this you need to prepare:

  • regular set of tools;
  • you will need a metal brush to clean the joints;
  • cotton gloves;
  • Just in case, buy a repair kit at a car store.
  • Place the car in a garage with an inspection hole.
  • Engage reverse gear.

Note. There are problems with inclusion - then first gear is engaged.

  • Go down into the viewing hole.
  • Clean the places where the fastening bolts are installed for the rocker clamp using a wire brush.
  • Wipe with a rag for easy rolling.
  • Unscrew the bolts.
  • Turn the drive to the left until the lever stops in the plastic lock of the reverse gear.
  • After this, tighten the bolts.
  • Check the lever travel with the gears engaged.

VAZ 2110 gearbox link and its replacement

If the stroke still does not meet the required parameters, then it is necessary to make adjustments in neutral:

  • Place the lever in the neutral zone.
  • Turn the rod drive to the left to select the speed until the adjusting pin enters the rod hole.
  • Remove the trim panel from the lever.
  • Secure with the adjustment bolt.

Gearbox link for VAZ 2110

The lever stroke is adjusted on each car depending on the driver’s habits. This procedure is carried out by adjusting the size of the scenes from the lever itself . The neutral position is calculated depending on the depth of the seat on the cardan shaft.

Note: after the adjustment, a rattling sound remains, then you need to install a spring to hold the lever.

The progressive, accelerated development of the automotive industry in Russia allows car enthusiasts to use new and improved spare parts for older models, which include “tens”.

How to replace the oil seal

If you detect an oil leak from the gearbox, carefully inspect the crankcase.

The leak will reveal itself. Lubricant usually leaks out through the CV joint seals and rocker panels. In the latter case, to replace you will need to perform a number of actions:

  1. Purchase a new VAZ-2109 oil seal. Its price is about 100 rubles.
  2. Drain the oil completely from the gearbox by unscrewing the plug from the bottom using the key “17”. If necessary, you can replace the lubricant later. It is recommended to pull out the upper dipstick to facilitate oil drainage.
  3. Disconnect the cardan from the rocker arm.
  4. Remove the boot, use a 10mm wrench to unscrew the bolt securing it to the gearbox rod.
  5. Using an awl or a thin screwdriver, remove the old oil seal. Inspect it for damage.
  6. Install the new oil seal using a pipe or large washer to press in.

Installation of the backstage from "Kalina"

Replacing the VAZ 2110 gearbox

On a VAZ 2110 you can successfully install a slide from Kalina:

  • To do this, it needs to be modified a little.
  • The cardan from the new model is 20 mm longer than the original “tenth”.
  • Therefore, it needs to be cut, to do this, use a lathe.

Note: when cutting manually, you can ruin the part, since when the temperature of the metal increases, it loses its strength.

  • The replacement of the slide must be carried out in the garage from the inspection hole.
  • Remove the plastic tunnel from the car interior.
  • Also remove the boot.
  • Remove the old rocker, unscrew all the fasteners from under the bottom of the car.
  • Install a new link and adjust it.

Note: adjustment must be carried out in order to later avoid troubles that arise during operation of the vehicle.

Why is it recommended to install a cardan from the new Kalina? On VAZ-2110 models, universal joints made of less resistant material are installed, so they quickly fail. This causes premature play in the rocker, which usually affects the quality of gear shifting while the vehicle is moving. After purchasing a new link, a visual comparison should be made of the old cardan and the purchased one. The comparison will be entirely in favor of the new acquisition. The Kalina cardan is made of better quality material, it is much more wear-resistant.

Gearbox slides for VAZ 2110

After installing a new link, the lever may rattle. Since this link completely eliminates play, that is, the vibration is transmitted completely to the lever.

Fixing lever rattling

  • To do this, install a new ball joint for the lever and install a repair kit.
  • The ball joint must be replaced from the inspection hole, since it is easier to change it from under the bottom of the car.
  • Install the retaining spring to the gear lever.

It will dampen vibration by holding the lever in the desired position. This will not affect the application of additional forces when turning on the speeds. To get rid of the rattling of the lever, you can install additional plastic washers on the gearbox axle. To do this you will need:

  • material - plastic (regular lid for jars);
  • open-end wrench No. 10, No. 13;
  • scissors;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • flat file, you can use a small flat file.
  • remove the plastic tunnel;
  • unscrew the nut with an open-end wrench No. 13;
  • Unscrew the screw using a Phillips screwdriver;
  • unscrew the two nuts with a No. 10 wrench;
  • remove the bolt;
  • carefully pull out the bushing;
  • remove the washers.

Using scissors, according to the size of the sleeve, cut two washers from the prepared plastic materials:

  • Lubricate all parts with graphite lubricant.
  • Place an additional washer on the bushing.
  • Put it in place.
  • Insert another washer on the right.
  • Place oil-resistant rubber rings on both sides of the bushing.
  • Reinsert the bolt.
  • Treat the threads with graphite lubricant.
  • Tighten the nuts.

Note: when tightening the nut to 13, you must take into account the following: if it is tightened too tightly, the lever will be difficult to move.

After such painstaking work, the car enthusiast will get rid of the rattling gear lever for a long time. The lever begins to work easier, and the gears are switched on more efficiently. You need to do the work yourself after watching the video and photos. Painstaking work must be carried out after a detailed study of each stage of work, since the gearbox gate ensures good operation of the gear lever. Therefore, how professionally the repair is carried out will completely affect the provision of comfort during operation of the VAZ-2110. It is also recommended to read the manufacturer's instructions. Price of spare parts for replacing the rocker:

  • gearbox driveshaft from VAZ-2114/2115 from 300 rub.,
  • boot from 65 rub.,
  • drawstring from "Kalina" within 500 rubles.

Do-it-yourself installation and adjustment will give the car enthusiast the opportunity to fully feel the difference in the operation of the car.

Backstage adjustment

Adjusting the slide itself is as easy as shelling pears.

To adjust the rocker, turn on reverse or fifth speed, whichever is easier at the moment. Loosen the nut on the rocker, it is shown in the photo, and put the speed lever in the position you need, if the fifth speed, then in the position of the fifth speed lever. And if the speed is reverse, then put the reverse gear lever in position, and press it deeper forward so that the rocker seats well on the gear shift hinge. And if you have an assistant, it’s even better, let him hold the lever in the desired position, tighten the rocker nut.

Photo. The arrow shows the rocker nut that needs to be loosened for adjustment.

That's it, the backstage adjustment is complete.

Gear shift drive:

1 - secondary shaft; 2 — fork for shifting 1st and 2nd gears; 3 — fork for shifting III and IV gears; 4 — 5th gear shift fork; 5 — rod of the 5th gear shift fork; 6 — retainer ball; 7 — clamp spring; 8 — clamp cover; 9 — guide axis of locking brackets; 10 — reverse light switch; 11 — three-arm gear selection lever; 12 — reverse fork lock plug; 13 — reverse fork; 14 — gearbox housing; 15 — blocking brackets; 16 - housing of the gear selection mechanism; 17 — axis of the gear selector lever; 18 — spring of the gear selector lever; 19 — gear selection rod; 20 — gear selection rod lever; 21 — fork rod for shifting III and IV gears; 22 — rod for shifting 1st and 2nd gears; 23 - clutch housing; 24 - bushing; 25 — rod seal; 26 — conical screw for fastening the hinge; 27 — protective cover of the hinge; 28 — housing of the gear shift drive rod hinge; 29 — hinge bushing; 30 — hinge axis; 31 — hinge tip; 32 — clamp rod for gear shift drive; 33 — gear lever housing; 34 — gear shift drive rod; 35 — protective cover of traction; 36 — ball joint of the lever; 37 — spherical lever finger; 38 — gear shift lever; 39 — lever axis; 40 - lever axis bushing; 41 — locking bracket

The VAZ-2109 rocker is a simple mechanism used to change gears. The driver, applying force in one direction or another, acts through the rocker on the gearbox. This switches on the required speed. Very rarely, the mechanism breaks down and requires partial or complete replacement. Most often the cardan shaft fails. Changing it won't be difficult. But if the rocker itself is broken, you can think about a little tuning - make a short-stroke one. This will require less effort to engage the desired gear.

Replacing the universal joint on a VAZ 2110, VAZ 2111, VAZ 2112

Welcome! The backstage cardan is what people usually call it, but in reality it is called the “Gearbox control drive rod joint”, something like this, thanks to it, gear shifting is carried out, or rather, not thanks to it, but thanks to your hands, that is, in that the moment when you grab the gearshift knob and shift it, by means of a rod that goes from the rocker itself to the box and the next gear is engaged, and the cardan is an intermediary in this matter and an assistant in shifting gears, if the cardan is severely deformed, then you simply cannot change gear You can, or you can shift, but with great effort, and it’s not a fact that that particular gear will turn on and not any other.

Note! In order to change this hinge (in the future it will be called that), you will need to stock up on tools, which will include: Wrenches and spanners (Whichever is more convenient for you), and you will also need a screwdriver and a rubber hammer (If you have this one, if not, then take the regular one)!


Where is the rocker shaft? You can only see it if you get under the bottom of the car and move the boot (Indicated by a red arrow) that protects it to the side; for an example, see the photo below, on which the blue arrow indicates the location of this very hinge:

When do you need to change the driveshaft? It is changed as it wears out, namely, when it wears out, the gears may not engage correctly, for example, you turn on the first gear and your reverse gear turns on instead, and also this hinge, many car owners are replaced with the same hinge, but only from the viburnum, but indeed the hinge is from Kalina does not have any play, therefore the gears are engaged clearly and the gearshift lever travel itself becomes less than if we take, for example, a standard hinge from a VAZ 2110, but there is one thing!

The whole point is that the Kalinovsky joint has no play, which means it will put more force on the gearbox, in addition, due to the fact that there is no play in the joint from the viburnum, all the vibration that comes from the box will reach the gearshift knob, unlike the original one a hinge from which much less vibration will go to the handle.

Note! Let’s say something else about the viburnum hinge, if your gearbox hasn’t been repaired for a long time and from time to time it knocks out gears when driving (Gears can knock out gears due to heavily worn gear teeth and because of worn out forks that are responsible for engaging the gear), then It is not recommended to install a Kalinovsky hinge on your car, because as mentioned earlier, it transfers more load to the box and therefore it will fail very quickly, so be careful!

Changing gears on a VAZ 2109

The “nine” is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox (Gearbox). The connection between the gear selection control lever and the gearbox actuators is purely mechanical. For this purpose, a steel rod is used, the lower end of which is fixed to a ball joint in the housing of the gear selection mechanism, and the upper end is equipped with a knob that fits comfortably in the driver’s hand. This lever, not entirely justifiably, is popularly called the “slide”.

In a classic backstage, the levers are connected using a slider that can move along it. It looks especially impressive when driving the drive wheels of a mainline steam locomotive. In an automobile rocker, the elements have a certain freedom; they are connected by a hinge, but the articulation point cannot move along the rocker. Nevertheless, the name stuck.

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