Is it possible to fill the grant with 92 gasoline? What kind of gasoline is better to put in the tank of a Lada Granta?

What does the instruction manual say?

What kind of gasoline should I fill in the Lada Granta? Open the instruction manual in Appendix 1. Look at the text: the brand of recommended gasoline is “Premium 95” or “Premium Euro 5” and two links to GOST standards. Why such a recommendation-restrictive proposal for fuel?

Let's look at some points related to this limitation. The first note is the requirement to ensure the necessary flammability at low temperatures.

It follows from this that gasoline must be of the required volatility class. At the same time, in different regions of the country this requirement is taken into account, and the volatility classes of gasoline differ from each other depending on location. The second obstacle to the use of lower octane gasoline is the presence of metal and organic particles in it, which act as anti-knock agents. These particles contain lead, cadmium, manganese, iron and other metals.

High-octane gasoline is characterized by the introduction of various additive materials. These additives save you from soot, corrosive destruction, and various deposits. However, these additives can only be added by the fuel manufacturer. Naturally, you can do this yourself, but this is not recommended (the proportion may not be correct).

Criteria for choosing gasoline

When choosing the appropriate fuel option, the car owner must take a number of rules as a basis:

  1. In the event that it will be used both in warm and cold seasons, it is recommended to pay attention to the volatility class of the purchased gasoline. Requirements for this substance vary depending on the area of ​​operation, but for the most part suppliers strive to offer a universal product, which should be chosen for the Lada Granta car.
  2. Gasoline should not contain dangerous impurities such as lead, iron or manganese. Such a product is rightfully considered to be of poor quality and can damage the car’s fuel system.
  3. Most manufacturers, in an effort to protect the tank from corrosion and destruction, add so-called additives to gasoline. However, you should not add such a substance yourself to the finished product. It would be more advisable to purchase a premium product, which will provide maximum protection.

In real life, the choice varies between two brands of gasoline poured into the tank: 92 and 95. Domestic drivers use both options with equal success, but determining the best one is quite difficult.

The manufacturer of the Lada Granta recommends using 95 gasoline due to its high quality. This gasoline is supplied purified, without foreign impurities. In addition, it has cleansing properties, to which there is a rather ambivalent attitude. On the one hand, such fuel does not allow dust and dirt to penetrate into the gas tank container, on the other hand, with constant use it has a destructive effect on the metal itself.

92nd gasoline is rightfully considered much more benign, as it contains nothing other than the raw material required by the manufacturing technology. In addition, refilling this product will be an order of magnitude cheaper than its 95 equivalent.

When choosing the right gasoline, the car owner must pay attention to the recommendations given by the manufacturer and adapt them to his region and the needs of the car.

Drivers' opinion

If you study the reviews of Granta car owners, there is complete confusion here. Some firmly claim that they are pouring AI-92

and it drives fine without any problems.
However, additional detonation is noted in the combustion chamber. The latter assure 100% that it is AI-95
, so they observe a slight decrease in fuel consumption.

And a third group has formed that fills in 50/50 AI-92 and AI-95, and what they get in the tank is who knows what. Such mixing seems understandable from the point of banal logic: reduction in detonation and average fuel consumption, but still it’s not worth mixing.

How does the car manual answer this question?

So, to answer the question of whether it is possible to fill Granta with 92 gasoline, which worries many motorists, you should open the instructions on Appendix 1, which states that the recommended gasoline is “Premium 95” or “Premium Euro 5”. Why do the instructions contain such strict restrictions regarding gasoline?

Let's figure it out. The first note states that the required flammability at low temperatures must be ensured.

It follows from this that fuel must be selected of a certain volatility class. In different regions of the Russian Federation, this requirement is adhered to differently, and fuel volatility classes differ from each other based on location.

How to fill your own gasoline?

Having decided which gasoline to fill, the motorist can go to a gas station to get fuel, where a professional gas station attendant will come to the rescue. However, in some cases he will have to fill the gasoline himself.

In order not to be left without fuel at the most unpredictable moment, it is important to constantly check the fill level of the fuel tank.

Refueling may be required along the way, so you should always have a canister and funnel with you

You should refuel when there is less than half the tank left. Many inexperienced drivers prefer to drive until the light on the dashboard lights up, indicating that the tank is almost empty. This practice is quite risky and can significantly harm the motor system. Gasoline cools the fuel pump, which, if overheated, will simply burst. If the tank is filled according to the rules, you can safely go to the gas station.

When approaching a gas station, it is important to park the car correctly in front of the gas station with the side on which the gas tank cap is located. It is advisable to park the car in such a way that the gas tank and gas station are at the same level. After this, you should unscrew the gas tank cap and insert a refueling nozzle of the appropriate brand into it.

What do drivers think about this?

If you read the reviews of the Lada Granta owners themselves, you may encounter some contradictions. Some argue that AI-92 gasoline is perfect for Lada, except that detonation appears in the combustion chamber.

Other drivers argue that only AI-95 is suitable for the Lada Granta, and even note that it is this gasoline that helps save on fuel consumption.

This octane number of gasoline has a positive effect on the fuel consumption of a car. If the average speed of a car is from 90 to 100 km/h, using 95 gasoline, about 5.5 liters of gasoline are consumed.

There is a third group of car owners who fill the tank with gasoline of both brands, which is why the results are not very good. Drivers mix two types of gasoline in order to reduce detonation and average gasoline consumption, but experts still do not recommend mixing different types of gasoline.

Car owners who buy AI-92 do not see a significant difference in the car's dynamics, engine performance and gasoline consumption. If you replace the fuel recommended in the instructions for use with AI-92, then the only difference will be the effect on the fuel system.

What gasoline to use in Lada Granta, manufacturer's recommendations

There is an opinion among owners of domestic cars that their vehicles can be fueled with almost any fuel that is on the market. This statement dates back to those times when, apart from the “VAZ classics,” nothing more modern could be found on the roads.

Only 95 gasoline?

AvtoVAZ recommends 95 type gasoline

Modern VAZ cars are equipped with a large number of electronic systems that require good treatment and quality care. This also applies to the brand of fuel that is filled into the tank.

According to the official documentation of the Lada Grant, this car must consume exclusively A-95 gasoline.

But is it worth adhering to the recommendation, or can you deviate from it a little? Now we will find out about this.

Is it possible to refuel with A-92 gasoline?

There is such a thing as octane number, which is determined in digital terms by the name of the fuel. If the vehicle in question is recommended to use 95 gasoline, there are reasons for this.

The fact is that the engine, which is designed for A-95 gasoline, can start working with any type of fuel. He won't do octane tests. Instead, to put it simply, it will treat any gasoline as if it were A-95, compressing it accordingly.

And, given that A-92 fuel has an octane rating of three units less, its possible compression ratio may be lower than in the case of the recommended fuel. This may not be noticeable if the engine has already traveled more than one or two hundred thousand kilometers, since the compression performance of the combustion chamber decreases somewhat.

Try to refuel at large chain gas stations.

If you fill in with high-quality 92-grade gasoline, then no errors will appear on the instrument panel after starting the engine; this is precisely the main argument of those who like to refuel with gasoline with a lower octane number.

But, in the case of proper technical condition, as well as a new car, it will compress the working mixture to the maximum. And gasoline with a lower grade is not designed for this. So, if you do not want to hear the sounds of detonation, and also eliminate premature wear of car parts in the near future, then you should listen to the recommendations of the car, exactly what is written in the operating instructions

And the operating instructions for the Lada Grant indicate gasoline of at least 95.

Simply put, the result of using any fuel with a lower grade will be the appearance of unintended detonations and difficulty starting a cold engine. They are very small local explosions that damage the condition of the cylinder and, to some extent, the piston. Moreover, all this can lead to increased wear and, most importantly, increased fuel consumption. So any attempts to save on cheaper gasoline will be doomed to failure.

What then to do with “older” gasoline?

Let's fill up with 98?

If you consider the above information, you might think that it would then be advisable to fill your car with gasoline with a higher octane number. For example, this could be the A-98, which is the standard for many modern foreign-made cars.

But here again we will have to disappoint you, since the mechanism requires a clear and correct attitude towards itself. Therefore, if the compression ratio is designed for A-95, then A-98 gasoline will be compressed to exactly the same level. And the potential of this fuel can only be revealed when its compression force is higher, which the Lada Grant engine is not designed for.

The result of refueling with 98-grade gasoline will be the inability to use its properties to the maximum, and you will simply lose your money due to the difference in the cost of gasoline of different brands.

Features of the national gas station

But, this is all theory. The fact is that in our country the fuel situation is not as rosy as one might expect. Often, the required octane number in the fuel sold is achieved by using special chemicals called “additives” (as in the video above). Thus, a chemical analysis will show that this number corresponds to the brand, while the car may not want to work fully with this gasoline. In this case, you will have to drain all the gasoline from the tank and clean it.

And most domestic oil refineries do not have equipment that could process oil into gasoline grades higher than A-92. It is for this reason that “there is a popular opinion” that there is basically no difference between brands with an octane number greater than 92.

But the cost of gasoline will vary significantly. In addition, the savings on the “correct” fuel are not so high in terms of its consumption, which does not cover additional material costs. The exception is the exclusively urban driving cycle, where trips are made mainly in low gears and, often, at high speeds of the power unit.

However, this is the opinion of people, but not of automobile experts. And improper operation is rarely associated with one’s own carelessness. Instead, complaints begin to arise about the build quality of the machine itself.

Conclusions and opinions of Lada Granta owners

Gas tank flap of Lada Granta So what fuel should you choose for Lada Granta engines?

Here the answer will be very simple. If you have a gas station in your city that guarantees the quality of the gasoline it sells, then you should only buy 95 gasoline. In addition, it would not be superfluous to carry out compression control at least once every fifty thousand kilometers. This will allow you to find out about problems in time, if any, and fix them immediately. This way, the car can constantly use fuel to the maximum.

Is it possible to fill Grant 92 with gasoline?

Other car enthusiasts claim that they see no difference between using AI-92 and AI-95, and the engine in both cases will work almost the same. But everyone knows that using 92-octane gasoline leads to contamination of the engine system and spark plugs.

But, without taking this fact into account, many Russian motorists advise filling the Lada Granta with AI-92. Let's figure out whether the Lada Granta 92 can be filled with gasoline.

Many oil refineries located in Russia do not have the technologies and equipment that can produce high-quality 95-A gasoline.

Therefore, to create 95-grade gasoline, specialized additives are used that gasoline contains. The more such additives are contained in gasoline, the more negative the impact of the use of such gasoline on the operation of the engine and the entire vehicle system.

Well-made pure 92-A gasoline is much more suitable for any car, including the Lada Granta. There are still several factories in the Russian Federation that produce high-quality gasoline up to 98.

Is it possible to use 92-A for turbocharged engine systems?

Good gasoline is considered to be gasoline from the manufacturer Lukoil. 92-A and 95-A are a quality product compared to other types of gasoline. Using these types of gasoline, the driver consumes less fuel, and there is also a slight impact on the spark plugs.

Many car owners believe that even for turbocharged engine systems, both 95-A and 92-A are suitable. But experts recommend using 95 gasoline for engines that contain additional devices. Therefore, when deciding whether the Lada Grant can be filled with 92 gasoline if it contains a turbocharged engine, it is better to stop at 95-A.

The question “Which gasoline to choose 92 or 95” worries almost every car enthusiast. AvtoVAZ recommends using AI 95 gasoline on all Lada Granta engines.

However, many owners actively use cheaper AI 92 fuel. A minority spare no expense and fill the tank with AI 98 or AI 98 G-drive. So what kind of gasoline is better to fill in?

Quite a lot of research has been done on the topic “Which gasoline is better.” For example, the Autoreview website testing Renault Sandero and Hyundai Solaris cars on AI 92 and AI 95 gasoline came to the conclusion that the Renault Sandero on AI 95 accelerates better and is more economical than its competitor in the Hyundai Solaris test. It turns out that the efficiency and dynamics of a car running on different fuels directly depends on the type of engine.

Conducting a survey among owners of the tenth family of VAZs, it turned out that the majority of drivers noticed a slight increase in dynamics in comparison with the AI ​​92 on the AI ​​95. In addition, a car with AI-95 is slightly more economical than with AI 92.

Other sources, studying gasoline with different octane numbers, claim that compared to AI 92, AI 95 will not increase power by much, only by 0.1 hp. They say that a reduced octane number of gasoline will negatively affect engine performance, which in the future may result in a major engine overhaul.

Let us remind you that the fuel consumption of the Lada Granta depends not only on the quality of gasoline. What kind of gasoline do you recommend to fill in the Lada Granta?

Disputes about choosing the type of gasoline for a liftback

A similar question, about what kind of gasoline to fill Lada Granta cars with, is asked by car enthusiasts quite often. Sometimes they start thinking about it long before buying this car, and for good reason, because on the one hand, money savings depend on this, and on the other hand, the octane number of the fuel directly affects the driving dynamics of the car.

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I own a Renault Megane 2, before that there were Citroens and Peugeots. I work in the service area of ​​a dealership, so I know the car inside and out. You can always contact me for advice.

It is no secret that the main discussions are between AI-92 and AI-95 fuels. Therefore, many owners give preference to AI-92, complaining that this type of fuel is simply cheaper than fuel with a higher octane number. As a result, the owner tries to save a tidy sum per year on fuel alone. However, if you try to contact an official dealer with such a question, all employees will unanimously tell you that you should only look for the truth about what kind of fuel to fill in the Lada Granta in the operating instructions.

What does the manual say?

If you open the Lada Granta manual, the text clearly states that the brand of recommended gasoline for this model is:

AI-95 "Premium"

“Premium” EURO-5
, and GOST standards are indicated on them accordingly.

Why the manufacturer indicated such obligatory recommendations, we’ll try to figure it out below in our article!

  1. The first requirement that the manufacturer sets is the high requirements for ignition of a flammable liquid at subzero temperatures. Therefore, the higher the octane number of gasoline, the better.
  2. The second requirement is the presence of various additives in such gasoline, which are designed to protect against soot, destruction and corrosion. In addition, gasoline, which the plant does not recommend, in their opinion, contains organic and metal particles that negatively affect the performance of the engine as a whole.

Information from the official website

To summarize the above, we can say that the manufacturer’s requirements regarding the choice of fuel must be strictly followed in order not to experience problems with the engine and fuel system in the future.

What kind of gasoline do car enthusiasts choose?

  • Based on the experience of Grantmakers from our portal, we came to the conclusion that there is complete chaos among owners when choosing the right type of fuel. One side directly says that it fills with AI-92 and the car drives without visible changes, but from time to time in the combustion chamber. At the same time, noting that there are no changes in the dynamics and smooth operation of the engine.
  • The latter claim that they only fill AI-95
    , while noting some fuel savings. And the third category claims that it fills both types of gasoline, thereby trying to achieve savings and reduce detonation. However, such an example does not have a very good effect on the behavior of the entire fuel system, and we do not recommend practicing this option for refueling your car.
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