VAZ 2114 wheel size - what are the largest wheels you can install?

Manufacturers of automobiles and automobile accessories produce a wide variety of wheels of various sizes. The size of VAZ 2114 rims is indicated in the documentation for the car, as a rule, requiring strict compliance.

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But many car owners are not satisfied with the standard equipment of the car, so they want to change the wheels. The choice lies in both manufacturing technology (stamped, cast, forged) and sizes.

Dimensions of standard wheels VAZ 2114

According to the technical documentation on the VAZ 2114, it is allowed to install wheels with dimensions 5Jx13 ET35 PCD4x98 DIA58.6, which means the following:

  • 5J – width 5 inches;
  • ET35 – offset 35 mm;
  • PCD4x98 – number and distance between holes for fasteners (disc bolt pattern), in this case 4 holes, the distance between them is 98 mm;
  • DIA58.6 – hub hole diameter 58.6 mm.

Is it possible to install R14 or R15 wheels on a VAZ 2109

So, you can install R14 wheels on VAZ 2109, 2108, 21099, 2114, 2115. The disk parameters should be 5, 5.5 or 6 inches wide and have an offset of 35-40 mm. You can also install cast or forged wheels with the same parameters. Other parameters of the disks: holes 4x98 mm, central hole diameter at least 58.5 mm.

In this case, it will be necessary to select tires of the appropriate size so that the overall diameter of the wheel remains approximately the same. Otherwise, when turning the wheel, the tire will touch the wheel arch liners or suspension elements, which, of course, is not what we want.

What tires can be installed?

On wheels recommended by the manufacturer, tires should be installed with the following dimensions:

  • 165/70 R13;
  • 175/70 R13

The first number is the profile width, the second is the relative height, R means that the tire is radial, 13 is the wheel diameter in inches.

The expression “thirteenth radius wheels” or something similar is widespread. This expression is completely meaningless, since 13 is not a radius, but a diameter of 13 inches. Users are confused by the letter R. They believe that this is a radius, although in fact it is a designation of the type of tire. For bias-ply tires there will be a letter D. This type of tire is practically not produced and is extremely rare.

A narrower tire with a profile width of 160 or 155 does not guarantee a reliable fit on the hump, will have a strong curvature of the sidewall and, as a result, will be dangerous to ride on. The same goes for wider tires.

You can install tires with a large width only if the VAZ 2114 wheel size is larger.

Calculation, index, code, marking

Few people understand codes and markings. So, for example, the designation with the Latin letter R means radial, and the number that is stamped after R means the diameter of the disk.

You can calculate the parameters of wheels and tires with your own hands, or rather with your own head.

Let's start deciphering the tire markings. For example, let's take the factory tire designation for the VAZ 2114 - 175/70 R13:

  • 175 is the width in millimeters;
  • 70 - height of the rubber profile in relation to the width in percent;
  • R13 is the tire type - radial, and 13 is the diameter in inches.

Anyone who wants to learn how to drift with front-wheel drive in the summer, do not forget to prepare the car: wide tires forward, narrow tires back.

Calculation of rubber profile height

To calculate the height of the rubber profile, you need to multiply 175 mm by 0.7 (this is 70% divided by 100). The profile height is 122.5 mm.

You can decipher a car’s VIN code yourself, or you can use online services.

Calculation of diameter (conversion from inches to cm or mm)

To find out how many centimeters in diameter the disk is, you need to multiply 13″ by 2.54 cm = 33 cm = 330 mm.

Calculation of the total wheel diameter (disc + tires)

122.5 + 330 = 452.5 mm. This is the factory size for the “four”.

The recommended wheel sizes for the VAZ 2114 are R13 and R14.

The car's passport indicates what size wheels can be installed on this model. These are: R13, R14.

If you install 15-inch wheels on this car and tires that are not low profile, then on bumps during shock absorption the rubber treads will touch the wheel arch liners or the wings themselves.

If you still decide to install R15 wheels, then you need to choose the following tires:

  • 185/55 R15;
  • 190/50 R15 (this option needs to be checked to see if the width is suitable or not).

Classification of disks by manufacturing method:

  1. Stamped. The simplest and most common method of making wheel rims.

    The steel sheet is pressed into a given shape. Hence the name “stamping”. The cheapest way to produce parts of various shapes. They can also be improved by painting. For example like this:

    Or like this:

      Advantages of stamped discs: Soft, tend to deform plastically. They do not burst upon strong impact.
  2. Repairable. Since they do not crack, they can be straightened to their original shape.
  3. Cast. Manufactured by casting.

      Advantages of alloy wheels: light weight;
  • slightly, but reduce fuel consumption;
  • tires last longer;
  • variety of shapes, which makes them popular among fans of tuned cars.
  • Flaws:
      high price;
  • fragility - such discs burst under sudden strong impacts.
  • Forged. Manufactured by forging.

    And this is a Lada Priora with forged white wheels.

    They have all the advantages of stamped and cast wheels. They have one mine - a very high price. Forged wheels are manufactured by VSMPO.

  • What size wheels can be installed on a VAZ 2114?

    What wheels are suitable for the VAZ 2114?

    The following wheels can be installed:

    • 5Jx13 ET35 PCD4x98 DIA58.6;
    • 6Jx14 ET35 PCD4x98 DIA58.6.

    Accordingly, their width is 5.5 and 6 inches, and their diameter is 13 and 14 inches, respectively.

    People often ask whether 15mm wheels will fit a car or not? This is not recommended by the manufacturer, but enthusiasts say it is possible, and:

    • When turning, the tire may rub against the wheel arches, resulting in an increase in the turning radius;
    • The free play of the shock absorber rod decreases when driving over uneven surfaces (also due to the contact of the tire with the arch);
    • The permissible vehicle load is reduced.

    The negative effect is somewhat reduced by installing low-profile tires, for example, 195/50/R15.

    In any case, installing wheels with a diameter of R15 or R16 inches has only an aesthetic value, without any practical benefit with many negative aspects.

    Tire storage conditions

    Tires, like other significant items, require a special way of storage and use. Car tires that have completed their season should be stored at the same temperature and with a certain number of atmospheres inside.

    Before removing tires for storage, it is worth making a mark that will let you know where each tire was located. Next, you should wash each wheel to avoid disc rotting. You also need to remove stones from the tread, after which it is advisable to treat the tires with a special chemical used for preservation.

    During processing, you cannot use rubber color restoration agents or solvents; they will only harm the preservation. This process should be treated carefully in order to avoid premature aging of the tire. The use of plastic bags is everyone’s business; the main thing is not to tie the bag tightly so that condensation does not accumulate.

    Tires on rims should be stored hanging or on top of each other; tires without rims should be placed vertically. If treated properly, tires will last you a long time and save your budget.


    Reading time: 4 minutes

    Choosing the right wheel size for a VAZ-2114 is not a difficult task. The factory parameters correspond to only two sizes: 13 and 14 inches, so there are no problems with the choice. The car was produced in hatchback body types with three or five doors and was equipped with both cast light-alloy products and steel ones produced by stamping.

    It is important to choose the wheels for the VAZ-2114 correctly. This model of the domestic concern has become very widespread and popular. In this regard, choosing wheels for it will not be a problem, due to the fact that a huge number of manufacturers, mainly domestic, produce products specifically for the concern’s model range.

    Winter tires for VAZ-2114 14 inches

    What tires are suitable?

    The wheel sizes on the VAZ 2114 must correspond to the tire sizes. There is an exact match between wheel and tire sizes:

    • 5Jx13 - 165/70 R13, 175/70 R13
    • 5.5Jx13 - 175/65 R13; 185/60 R13
    • 6Jx14 - 185/60 R14; 195/60 R14

    The minimum and maximum widths of the profiles are indicated. In this case, the profile height can be chosen according to your own preferences. It should be borne in mind that the higher the profile, the worse the car’s handling, but the reliability increases when driving on uneven roads. The low profile makes for sharper handling, but there is a risk of damage to the tires or rims if you hit a bump or fall into a pothole.

    Deformation of a high profile tire when turning

    How to install a 4x100 disk on a VAZ 2114

    A large number of foreign-made cars have wheels of the required diameter, but with a 4x100 bolt pattern, so it is difficult to find suitable wheels for the VAZ 2114 from foreign cars. Many people are trying to install wheels with a different flare on a VAZ. This cannot be done directly, so you have to choose between:

    • Installation of eccentric bolts;
    • Installation of studs with eccentric nuts into the hub;
    • Installation of wheel spacers;
    • By making a new bolt pattern on a standard hub.

    The first two options are possible only if the holes in the wheel rims are at least 14 mm (on VAZ wheels with a 4x98 bolt pattern, the hole diameter is 12 mm). The downside is that it is impossible to accurately center the wheel on the hub, resulting in wheel wobble when driving. Runout will lead to poor handling, reduced driving comfort and, most importantly, destruction of the wheel bearing.

    Eccentric bolt

    A new bolt pattern reduces the strength of the hub, which can lead to its destruction.

    The best option is to use a spacer. It should be borne in mind that its thickness should be at least 15-20mm to securely hold the wheel bolts.

    The use of spacers leads to an increase in wheel offset, and this significantly increases the load on the hub assembly.

    Spacer 4x100

    Should I choose stamped or cast wheels?

    All types of wheel rims have their advantages and disadvantages:

    • Stamped . Due to ease of production they have minimal cost. In case of damage, dents are easily removed. They are heavy and require careful balancing;

    • Cast. Manufactured by casting from aluminum alloys. Due to their low weight, they reduce the load on the hub assembly by reducing the unsprung mass. Easy to balance. They are almost impossible to straighten when deformed, and due to their low strength they are susceptible to chips and cracks, which can only be eliminated by argon welding.

    • Forged. These are the same cast ones, only additionally strengthened by forging. With the same advantages as cast ones, they have much higher strength. Due to the complexity of manufacturing technologies, they have a high cost (R14/4×98 will cost at least 25,000 rubles).

    If you plan to drive exclusively on smooth asphalt, then the best option is alloy wheels, which in appearance are practically no different from forged ones. When traveling over rough terrain, you should choose stamped wheels, since nicks can be removed on the road using an ordinary hammer. In addition, the VAZ 2114 on stamped R13 wheels looks quite stylish. Many car owners prefer swamp stamps.

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