Speakers size 16 in Priora (front doors) - installation

Drivers love high-quality loud music in the car, and Lada Priora owners are no exception. You can achieve good car audio by installing 16-size speakers in the Priora.

They are placed in the front doors. This installation often stops, because the size of the holes for the speakers provided on the Priora car is 13 cm. But this obstacle to installing speakers is easily overcome. This is realized by spacers. This article will tell you how to install 16 speakers in a Priora in place of the standard speakers in the front doors with minimal effort.

Standard speakers - article number and price

At the front of the Priora (sedan, hatchback, station wagon), speakers with a diameter of 13 cm (5.25 inches) were installed, forming a bipolar coaxial speaker system. Maximum power – 80 watts, resistance – 4 Ohms, sensitivity – 4 dB. The AvtoVAZ spare parts catalog provides for audio speakers the designation 2170-791020. Audio components were supplied to the factory conveyor. This manufacturer sells its products under the URAL brand. Now speakers 2170-791020 are sold at prices starting from 600 rubles.

The Lada Priora sedan was also equipped with radio speakers 2170-7901030 with a diameter of 16.5 cm (6.5 inches), mounted on the trunk shelf. Components 1117-1901030 were installed in the rear pillar of the Priora station wagon. Hatchbacks in the “Norma” configuration were produced with the same audio components located on the support of the trunk shelf. In the Priora “Lux” hatchbacks, speakers 2172-7901030 were installed instead, characterized by an expanded frequency range (64-18000) and a diffuser with fabric filling. The price for a pair of these parts is from 700 rubles.

The acoustics of the standard Lada Priora speakers satisfy only unassuming car owners. Fans of high-quality car audio assemble and upgrade the car's acoustic system.

Basic faults

The desire to install 16 cm speakers on the Priora arises due to the poor sound quality of the standard speakers. In addition to the complete lack of music due to faulty wiring, Prior owners with a factory speaker system have to deal with:

  1. Wheezing.
  2. Hissing at high volume.
  3. Not loud enough.

The problem can be solved by installing high-quality audio speakers, primarily in the front. This upgrade significantly improves the sound of the audio system without requiring significant costs.

Manufacturers and prices of analogues

Car audio systems are varied. Popular among Priora drivers:

  • Mystery MJ-650, cost 2000–2500 rubles.
  • Alpine SXE-1750s – price from 3000 rub.
  • Kicx STC 6.3 – price 3000–3500 rub.
  • Pioneer TS-A1600C, Price from 4000 rubles.
  • Morel Maximo Coax 6 – approximately 4000 rub.
  • Hertz DSK 165.3 – about 5,000 rubles.

Prices are for a set of two speakers. Of course, this is not a complete list. The choice of audio system is limited by the desires and capabilities of the car owner.

In what places is it recommended to install tweeters?

Manufacturers recommend many places to place tweeters, most commonly at ear level. In other words, aim them as high as possible at the listener. But not everyone agrees with this opinion. This installation is not always convenient. It depends on the specific circumstances. And the number of installation options is quite large.

  • Corners of mirrors. During the trip they will not cause additional discomfort. Moreover, they will fit beautifully into the interior of the vehicle;
  • Dashboard. Installation can even be done using double-sided tape;
  • Podiums. There are two options here. The first is to install the tweeters in a standard podium (which comes with the tweeter), the second is to make the podium yourself. The latter case is more complicated, but it guarantees a better result.

Where is the best place to point tweeters?

When designing car audio, you can choose one of two options:

  1. each tweeter is directed at the listener. That is, the right tweeter is directed at the driver, the left one is also aimed at him;
  2. Diagonal installation. In other words, the tweeter on the right is routed to the left seat, while the speaker on the left is routed to the right.

The choice of one option or another depends on the individual preferences of the owner. To begin with, you can point the HF speakers towards yourself, and then try the diagonal method. After testing, the owner himself will decide whether to choose the first method or give preference to the second.

Installation of 16 speakers in Priora

When installing non-standard speakers, change the speakers in the front doors of the Priora, then in the rear and on the trunk shelf. Additionally, audio components are mounted in the rear doors.

Speakers for the front doors of Priora

The first stage of installing the speakers is removing the interior trim in those places where the components will be installed, in this case the front door panels. For good sound, noise and vibration insulation (NVI) of the car body elements in which the radio speakers are installed is necessary. Therefore, in its absence, it is advisable to use the disassembled state of the front doors and glue vibration and noise insulation material.

Installing the speakers from the front involves cutting metal, since the standard holes are designed to mount speakers with a diameter of 13 cm. The easiest way to do this work is to use a jigsaw with a metal file.

First you need to mark the metal of the front door, for which you use a template cut out of paper or cardboard according to the size of the column. Sometimes a ready-made template is included with the audio components. Move the center of the new hole straight up, in this case the 16 cm speaker will not interfere with the fastening of the front door trim.

After cutting out a piece of metal, to prevent corrosion, it is advisable to treat the edges of the hole made with an anti-corrosion compound, or better yet, prime and paint.

The place where the speakers are mounted is covered with noise and vibration insulation. If there is no material, foil-coated isolon is suitable. To prevent the transmission of vibrations from the speaker, it should be installed through a spacer made of plywood or similar material, which is also covered with sound insulation. The radio speaker is attached to the spacer with self-tapping screws.

It is necessary to cut off the plastic edge of the door card located around the holes in front of which the radio speaker is installed. After that, all that remains is to connect the audio cables, assemble the casing, and you can enjoy the improved sound.

In addition to radio speakers, some audio systems include crossovers and tweeters (tweeters). As a rule, the crossover has a place on the front door map, and the tweeters are installed on the triangular elements of the interior trim opposite the place where the side mirrors are mounted. Advanced acoustic systems require the installation of tweeters on the A-pillars.

How to install speakers in the rear doors on a Priora car

There is no standard place for installing rear door radio speakers. Therefore, in order to install speakers in the rear doors, it is necessary to cut out part of the door trim. The internal space of the rear doors is limited; installation of speakers with a diameter of 16 and even 13 centimeters requires the manufacture of a spacer. If it protrudes beyond the door, it is sheathed with carpet, leatherette or other material.

Back to rear shelf

The rear shelf is a place for oval speakers. Among the manufacturers, pay attention to JBL. If necessary, holes on the shelf are cut to fit the size of the speakers to be installed. The material of this part is quite soft, so it cuts easily.

Podiums for tweeters on Lada Priora

We will install podiums for the tweeters on the Lada Priora. An important point is the choice of location for installation, as well as the location of the tweeters themselves. You can try it on for a very long time, there is no need to delay this; once you have found the place where it sounds least bad, proceed with installation. We put the cover on the installation site and apply putty.

In theory, you can abandon the putty, because it can leave marks, and use regular paper tape instead. After the place is finally checked, you need to outline the location of the holes that will have to be cut in the trim. On the Lada Priora sedan, the plastic in this place is quite thick, so you have to make an effort. It is not recommended to use a jigsaw in this area; it is too sensitive an area. A thin blade will come to the rescue; use it to pierce the plastic in a circular manner. Before you start cutting, it is advisable to measure everything in advance, so that later you do not have to do the work again and cover up the damaged areas of the panel. After the holes are ready, you need to determine the position of the tweeters in terms of height and proximity to the windshield. Next, secure the heads with a strip of tape. It is not advisable to use plasticine, because it begins to melt under the influence of temperature and leaves behind stains. We wrap the cover and the tweeter itself with paper tape. You need to work very carefully, because you can accidentally damage the delicate silk dome of the emitter.

Next, we install the wrapped tweeter in place, having previously fixed it on the back side of the lining. You can lightly lubricate the overlay with lithol and fill the voids with putty. You need to choose a two-component polyester putty with fiberglass. The next stage is shaping the tweeters. First of all, take the skin and go over the shell several times. The surface must be smooth, without flaws, because the paintwork will not be able to hide potholes; they will become even more noticeable. We do not remove the tape from the protective grille until we pass over the surface with a wet zero. Now everything is ready for painting; of course, we don’t remove the mesh yet. It must be taken into account that the distance from the can to the surface to be painted affects the spraying texture. The recommended distance is 40 - 45 cm; the further away the balloon is, the larger the droplets of the composition and the rougher the surface. After which the parts should be allowed to dry thoroughly, preferably at least a day. After a day, the paintwork will dry thoroughly, all that remains is to install the podiums with the assembled speakers and fix them with glue on the back side. Then we connect the wires and put the covers back on the body pillar. The installation of the podium for the Lada Priora can be considered complete. It looks neat and elegant. The cosmetic improvements did not change the sound compared to the putty podiums, for better or for worse. Setting up the sound is a separate story, which we will not touch on for now. Now, finally, you can get rid of the plasticine, everything is done carefully and tastefully. This installation does not require much time or special skill, although complete laxity is not needed. It all depends on your patience.

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Why do you need spacers for 16 speakers: installation

Spacers for the speakers prevent the transfer of vibration from the speakers to the metal of the body, and allow you to do without cutting the metal. Because there is enough space inside the front doors of the Priora. When installing speakers with a diameter of 16–17 cm at the front, the use of a spacer with a thickness of 19 mm will allow you to avoid metalwork. Some auto stores sell ready-made spacers for 16 cm speakers for Lada Priora. But it’s easier to make the necessary parts yourself.

Spacers for the speakers are cut from plywood or other wood material. If there are no sheets of the required thickness, you can splice several parts together using screws and glue. Even when installing a commercial spacer, you may need to change its shape. Trim some places so that it fits tightly to the metal of the front door and does not interfere with the fastening of the trim and other parts. Therefore, even when manufactured independently, this element must be adjusted to the location.

Fastening to the door is done with self-tapping screws. If the product turns out to be massive, you can make a bolted connection. Then the spacer is covered with noise-insulating material, and an audio speaker is attached to it.

Installing audio speakers with a diameter of 16 cm on the front doors of the Priora and the correct placement of additional audio components throughout the cabin will improve the sound quality of the speaker system without significant expenditure of money and time. Anyone can do this.

New podiums on the Priora in the front doors: differences and features of the products

Before choosing a podium for Priora tweeters, the buyer needs to determine their appropriate size. This applies not only to the purchased speakers, but also to the free space left for a comfortable stay in the cabin. It is unacceptable to install an element that is too bulky, since it will not allow either the driver or the passenger to sit properly in the cabin.

In addition, the podiums should be conveniently attached to the side pads. The newly acquired elements must lie exactly on the surface of the door, without blocking the pocket. And special podiums for Priora, installed in the upper part of the sidewall near the pillar, will allow you to add new notes to the sound. And also achieve surround sound transmission.

The external design of the podiums also plays an important role. For example, in a car with a classic black and gray finish, you can buy podiums on a Priora in regular black or dark gray. But silver linings will look no less attractive, giving the interior a more modern look.

A car with a brown or beige finish should be complemented with podiums in a coffee or pleasant brown shade.

Small additions should not only be of high quality and convenient. The elements must look stylish in the car where they are installed. That is why only stylish podiums on Priora with tweeters can complement the interior and create really good sound from the media system. And during operation they will not cause any discomfort or noise.

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