“Don’t slam the door!”: silent door locks on VAZ 2105, 2106, 2107

Door trim for VAZ-2106

The VAZ-2106 came off the assembly line in 1976, and until it was discontinued from production, the technologies for arranging the car's interior remained virtually unchanged. Therefore, the basis of the door trim was a material such as fiberboard, which swelled and deformed over time.

To replace the door trim yourself, you need to purchase tension material (imitation leather). You can also use Alcantara or carpet for the door upholstery. Make a new door card from fiberboard or moisture-resistant plywood of suitable thickness; plexiglass or plastic can serve as a “non-killable” material.

Tools needed:

  • knife or cutter;
  • drill;
  • jigsaw;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

The work is carried out in the following order:

  1. The door trim is removed. The main thing when dismantling the old casing is not to disturb the base or damage the fastening elements.
  2. Using a sharp cutting tool (for example, a knife or cutter), we separate the trim from the old door base.
  3. The old base must be placed on a new workpiece and outlined along the edges of the element (do not forget to cut holes according to the model of the damaged base for the fastening elements).
  4. Using a jigsaw, we cut out a new base and use a drill to make all the holes provided.
  5. From the new leatherette we cut out a new covering for the base, adding a few centimeters to the fold.
  6. We stretch the material onto the base, bend the edges to the reverse side and place it on the glue. If the base material used allows it, it can be additionally secured with staples.
  7. We install the trim in place, insert new clips and other door elements.

Design of silent locks

Silent locks, unlike factory locks installed on VAZ 2105, 2106, 2107, have a completely different operating principle. They work on the latch principle, which is how locks on modern foreign-made car models are designed. The design of this lock allows it to close the door quietly and with minimal effort; it is quite easy to press the door with your hand.

Single door installation kit. Consists of two parts that are installed on the door and a receiving bolt

The castle consists of two parts. During installation, the inner part installed in the door is connected to the outer part with bolts, forming a single mechanism. The lock control rods from the door handles, locking buttons, and lock cylinders are connected to the inside of the lock. The outer part is responsible for engagement with the lock retainer installed on the car body pillar.

Video: the result of installing silent locks on a VAZ 2106

An additional advantage of these locks over factory ones is provided by covering the outer part of the mechanism with a plastic shell. This allows the lock to operate absolutely silently, hence its name. The absence of rubbing metal surfaces does not require regular cleaning and lubrication of the lock, which has a positive effect on the service life; the owner does not need to worry about the reliability of the locks. The lock closes the door tightly and holds it well.

The lock is installed in place of the standard lock with minor modifications

Which lock to choose for installation

Factories and cooperatives have long been producing silent locks for various car models. Some automakers have even begun installing them on production vehicles. Thus, Volga cars, VAZ 2108/09, VAZ 2110–2112, VAZ 2113–2115, VAZ 2170 have already acquired silent locks. On the market you can choose a lock model suitable for your model with minimal modifications. Locks adapted for installation on VAZ 2105, 2106, 2107 are not produced by factories, so car enthusiasts, over time, have developed ways to install locks from other VAZ car models. Later, cooperatives began to produce sets of locks intended for installation on these VAZ models.

The cooperative kit includes adjusting plates, rods and bolts. The kit is installed on all 4 doors

Kits manufactured by cooperatives cannot boast of a guarantee of quality, however, the presence of all the parts necessary for installing locks undoubtedly attracts the buyer.

But if you consider that low-quality kits will still have to be modified during installation, then you should turn your attention to high-quality factory locks manufactured at factories in Dimitrovgrad, PTIMASH, FED and others. These locks will last longer and will certainly not cause any inconvenience during operation. Having spent time installing a factory lock, you will independently determine what additional elements are needed and will be preferable for your car; the lock will be installed with high quality and will last a long time.

On the VAZ 2105, 2106 and 2107 models you can install a lock from any VAZ model with silent locks. The most popular choice among car enthusiasts who decide to install a silent lock on a “classic” is the lock from the VAZ 2108 car.

One of the locks that can be installed on VAZ 2105, 2106, 2107

Replacement of VAZ-2106 doors

The biggest problem for a motorist is corrosion of the metal of car doors; replacement may be necessary for both the front door (and the driver's door is no exception) and the rear one. The price of door repairs in specialized auto repair shops can be unreasonably high, and the only option is to replace the door yourself.

To replace, you can purchase either a new door or a used one (previously used), already assembled with glass, door handles, and seal. At the same time, you should make sure that they are of good quality, especially the seal, card and door trim. The main thing is not to make a mistake and not to purchase “left doors”, which, although they will have the required markings and dimensions, will not fit your car. Either door moldings or various stickers are installed, which an unscrupulous seller can use to hide traces of corrosion.

The process itself will not take much time and a small set of tools:

  • powerful Phillips screwdriver (power or impact) with a key for it
  • hammer
  • pliers.

Work order:

  1. first, open the door that needs to be replaced and use pliers to compress the limiter until the ends come out of the holes on the body;

    Removing the limiter

  2. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the bolts with which the door canopy is attached to the body (three bolts on top and two on bottom). If the force is not enough, you can use a hammer or a screwdriver;

    Unscrew the bolts on the door

  3. Having unscrewed both canopies, remove the doors.

We install the door in the reverse order, but it may happen that it does not close. Then you will need to adjust the doors, or the door does not match your sample.

Below in the video you will clearly see how to remove the door of a VAZ:

Replacement of the front door lock and external lock handle of a VAZ 2106

To replace the front door lock and the outer lock handle on a VAZ 2106, you will need: a screwdriver, an “8” key.

The lock on the end of the door is secured with three screws.

The rod of the internal drive of the lock is fixed to the door panel with a clamp on the inside (its petals are visible from the outside). 1. Remove the door trim (see “Replacing the front door side glass”) and unscrew the lock button (see “Replacing the front door window regulator mechanism”). Raise the side window to the up position.

2. Disconnect the rod clamp of the internal lock drive from the door by squeezing the tabs of the clamp and pushing it inside the door.

3. Remove the gasket from the inside door handle.

4. Remove the two screws securing the handle.

5. Turn the handle 90° and...

6... push it inside the door.

7. Slide the protective film inside so that it does not interfere with work.

8. Disconnect the end of the lock release rod from the switch.

9. Remove the two screws securing the rear side window groove.

10. Lift the groove and lock it in the up position.

11. Remove the three screws securing the door lock.

12. Slide the lock inward by pressing it.

13. Remove the lock from the door along with the rod and the handle (first the lock, then, pushing back, the handle with the rod).

14. Unfasten the rod holder on the handle.


The rod is attached to the handle with a rubber holder. Attaching the rod to the lock is similar in design.

15. Disconnect the rod from the handle.

16. Unfasten the rod holder from the door lock.

17. Disconnect the rod from the lock. 18. Assemble the new lock with rods and internal handle in the reverse order of disassembly.

19. Unscrew the two nuts securing the outer door handle and remove the handle from the outside.

USEFUL ADVICE It is more convenient to work with a socket head with an extension.

20. Install the new outside handle on the door in the reverse order of removal. 21. Install the lock assembly with rod and internal handle on the door in the reverse order of removal.


Between the top end of a

between the lock lever and the shoulder of the outer handle there should be a gap of 0.5-2 mm. If the gap is less than 0.5 mm, the door lock will not be locked with a button or locked with a key. If the gap is more than 2 mm, the door will not open with the outside handle. Adjust the gap by bending the upper end of the lever.

If the door does not fully unlock with the inside handle, adjust its position by moving it in the oval holes on the door.

22. Install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal.

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Replacing the rear door lock of a VAZ 2106

Replacing the rotary glass of the front door of a VAZ 2106

Lock and door cylinder of VAZ 2106. Replacement

During the operation of the VAZ-2106, all elements are subject to wear and tear over time. At the same time, an important property of the car is its security from unauthorized access.

We must pay tribute to the developers of the VAZ-2106, the door handle and lock are made to the best of their ability. However, the locking mechanism can also break (most often on the front door) for various reasons (due to careless handling). And replacing them is a labor-intensive process.

You will need the following tools:

  1. crosshead screwdriver,
  2. socket wrench (or socket) 8,
  3. extension,
  4. ratchet or wrench (for the head).

The process of removing the door handle involves minor preparatory work:

  1. remove the trim from the door (on which the lock is supposed to be replaced). Only then do we carry out the following work step by step:

    Removing the casing photo

  2. using a socket wrench, unscrew the left nut holding the handle from the inside (held by two nuts);

    Unscrew the handle fasteners. Photo

  3. To unscrew the right handle nut, you must first open access to it. At the end of the door, unscrew the bolts holding the lock. Having loosened the lock, move it slightly to the side and unscrew the right nut, freeing the handle from the inside. However, it will be held in place by a rod attached to the lock cylinder;
  4. With a little effort, you need to pull the rod until it comes off the cylinder, after which the handle will easily detach from the door and is ready for replacement.
  5. Installing a new handle is carried out in the reverse order. The main thing is to carry out all work carefully and not damage the door glass.

Most often, the lock cylinder is the first to fail; it is reusable and constantly in use. To replace it you will need a flat screwdriver and a needle (or thin wire)

The process of replacing the VAZ 2106 larva:

  1. carefully remove the spring that wraps around the lock cylinder (throws the key away in the lock when opening), prying it with a screwdriver, and first remembering its original position in order to install it correctly later;
  2. then using a needle we squeeze out the larva fixing rod (it goes inside the larva), after which we remove the upper retaining ring and take out the larva.
  3. Installation of a new cylinder, as well as the lock itself, is carried out in the reverse order.

IMPORTANT! It is best to replace the cylinders simultaneously on all car door locks (including the trunk), so that if necessary, you can open all the locks with one key, rather than carrying a bunch of keys with you.

To carry out such repair work, no special skills are required, but it is better to carry out the work indoors, since disassembling and assembling the locking mechanism requires precision in the placement of parts. In principle, this service is not that expensive, so you can entrust it to specialists.

Below is a video on how to properly replace the larva:

Installation of door locks from VAZ 2114 to VAZ 2106

Some car enthusiasts take a more economical route and install silent locks from the VAZ 2114. This is done as follows:

  1. We saw off the “flag” of the lock.
  2. We dismantle the old locking mechanism of the “six” together with the connecting consoles and put it in the reserve area.
  3. Drill out the bottom door hole on the left. We apply the lock from the inner plane of the door, mark the drilling point where the lock sleeve of the upper fastening will be located. If necessary, we process the marking socket with a round file.
  4. We install the new locking unit in the landing position.
  5. We assemble the product. Perhaps the “chocolate” will interfere with assembly with its emphasis on the rack, but we’ll leave that for later.
  6. Using the same file, we adjust the right through hole from below, which will entail the correct operation of the door lock.
  7. We disconnect the outer lining of the product and slightly sharpen the 2 metal bushings at the end of the door, which are where the fasteners are installed.
  8. We sharpen the angle of fastening of the locking device, periodically checking the compliance of the angular values.
  9. We grind down the screw tops to tighten the locking device to a level below the plane, “flush”. Upon completion of the work, we assemble the locking mechanism. Next, we connect the rods to the lock handles.
  10. When closing the door and there is a problem with the protruding “chocolate”, it is necessary to make a high-quality adjustment of the locking device, after which we fix the screw connection.
  11. Using chalk marks, we determine the position of the screw connection when closing the car door.
  12. We drill the front plane of the rack, use a tap to apply an M 10 threaded connection along the hole with a step of “1”.
  13. Then we drill through holes in the front walls of the rack of the appropriate diameters, followed by cutting the internal threaded connection and installing the screw in the rack.
  14. We proceed to installing the lock drives and operating the device handles.
  15. We cut off the drive rod of the side-type handle from the removed device. We bend one end at a right angle, and bend the other into a ring configuration.
  16. We connect the internal action handle via a clamping cable.

After this, the VAZ 2106 locks will operate relatively silently.

Door adjustment VAZ 2106

In order to adjust the door locks, you just need a key “10” and a marker. The rear and front locks have no fundamental difference in adjustment.

Adjustment process:

  1. Using a marker, draw an outline around the door lock latch.
  2. Next, loosen the bolts and adjust as needed.
  3. After which, safely tighten the bolts.

Where to move the lock:

  • if the door closes tightly, move the latch outward;
  • Also, if there is a large gap and the door is hanging loose, move the lock inward;
  • the door moves down when closing - accordingly we move the lock up;
  • when closing it rises - move the lock down accordingly.
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